I140 filed. Should I transfer to spouse's


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My I-140 was filed last week. My spouse already has approved I-140.

Should I apply for change in visa status from H1 to H4 and apply for EAD based on my spouse's approved I-140?


The reason is simple - Employers hire readily when you have an EAD.


My proposed plan of action:

File H1 to H4 transfer this week with H4 start date of June 2016.

Concurrent filing of EAD.


Considering the above, I'd receive an EAD in June/July assuming there're no hiccups.


Is this a smart thing to do or am I shooting myself in the foot?


O gurus of wisdom, please shine on your knowledge and criticize as necessary!


Thanks. Sorry if this is a re-post. Please guide me to the original post in case there is one.


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