Is a Amendment receipt number be sufficient or Approval notice should be required before going to visa Stamping


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I have got my First H1 B stamping on Dec 2013 and valid to till feb 2016. H1-B visa on passport is valid till feb 2016

 And I have changed the employer and client in march 2015 and my new employer applied for

H1 transfer and extension and I got approval H1B and 1-797 petition approved till June -2018

I am planning to apply the amendment for the new end client and location change with the same employer couple months back and have travel plans to india in January, at same time planning to go for Visa stamping in Feb 2016 as my visa on passport is going to expires in Feb 2016.


Here I have below questions : please guide me :


·         Will the amendment need to be approved in order to get stamping or will a receipt number be sufficient?  as I already have got H1B and 1-797 petition approved till June -2018 when I changed the employer and previous client but moved to new end client couple months back.


·          Client letter required for the Amendment process?


·         What all are the documents required ?

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H1b amendment is just like H1b extension process. You will receive new I797 after approved. So, you have to wait until you get your new I797 for visa stamping. If you have client letter, then its better. Your employer will let you know what documents are required for amendment (basically everything).

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