H1B approved but going for L1A


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Currently i am in india working my employer A. My employer A filed H1B in 2015 April and it got approved. I got the stamping done in October 2015 in India

Now i am not ready to travel on H1B as my spouse on H4 cannot work in USA. I asked my employer A for getting me Blanket L1A to that my spouse can work on L2 status. They agreed and i'll be going for Blanket L1A stamping


Here are my questions:

1. Will consulate in India cancel my H1B stamping?


2. Let's say i get L1A approved and stamped. I travel to US on this visa. After some time down the line (lets say in Aug 2017) i want to leave employer A and join some other employer B.  My understanding is that for switching jobs again employer B has to file for H1B. Will i have any advantage of my previously approved H1B in 2015 and go via a cap exempted route? or Do i need to go through fresh H1B cap process?

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Hi All,


I am also in the same situation. I am currently working in Company A ( as SAP Manager). The company B ready for  filing/processing H1B and deput to one of the client in US. (provided if my application get selected in lottery). 

However, I am expecting my  current company to process L1A. So my question is that, 


1) what happend, if my visa is filled and approved through employer B ( but not stamped ) . But after that my current company ready to process L1A ?  

2) If I plan and interested to travel through only L1A, then h1b will become invalid ? and it doesn't give any problem for my travel through L1A ? 


Please advise. Thanks in advance. 


Raja Subramaniyan

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