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I started working for company A in March this year. They filed my H1B and it got approved. But in September, Company B acquired 2 divisions of Company A and I was sent to company B. Company B provided me a 'Successor-in-interest' letter. 2 months later (mid Nov), they put me on furlough. I asked company A if I could work for them, they agreed, so on my last day as an employee at company B, I quit and joined company A  immediately.


Company A says that they do not need to transfer my VISA as they were the ones who did it initially and company B did not transfer it.  But they did give me a successor-in-interest letter. What does that do to my VISA? (Company A did not revoke my VISA)


Is company A right about not having to transfer the VISA?


Company A now operated with a different name and a different building but same area.


Should I be transferring my H1B?






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