Doubts regarding Visa Stamping documents


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       Below are the VISA's applied for me 


       1. L1 Blanket application - 2007 - Got rejected at US Counselate. 

       2. L1 B Individual Petition - 2008 - Approved and Stamped (2008 - 2010). I travelled once with this VISA to US (2009 to 2010). Both L1 petitions were for X Company and currently I am working for Y company - both are Indian MNC's (Big 4)

       3. H1B Petition through an Consulancy (not the company I worked for) - Approved - but never stamped. (2011)

       4. H1B Petition from Current Company (Cap Exempt based on old H1B Petition) - 2015 - Approved and my Company received petition last week. 


       I am planning to go for Stamping in 3rd week of december. I have below doubts


       1. When filling DS160 there is a column asking about "Previous Visa Refusals" - Will my L1 Blanket application rejected in Visa interview comes under this category?

       2. I switched my company in India during 2012 and forgot to take the W2 form of old company for the L1B travel. Will it be an issue during Visa Stamping? Will they ask the old W2 forms? I have couple of salary slips for the old travel which has the tax paid information - Will it be enough?




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