Reinstatement Denial Re entry to Us


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I am here in United States on F1 student visa from Xxx in January 2014. but after reaching US I didn't go to Xxx as I have I20 from yyy I contacted the DSO over there and asked that I want to transfer to there school. But unfortunately it didn't happen on Time and Xxx terminated my sevies and I was out of status. Immediately Yyy Dso advised me to apply for reinstatement and From then I my case is processing.

In March 2015 I got a letter from USCIS requesting some evidence and I have sent all the documents I even have proof that it got delivered. I was taking summer classes and about to graduate. But in may 2015 I got denied and the reason was they didn't receive the documents.

My Dso asked me to drop the classes immediately and go to India and have sent I20 I attended visa and came back to united States.

I was like everything is going and thinking to apply for OPT.

As soon as I reached us I went to my Dso and asked her if I can apply for opt as I am going to graduate this December. She said yes you can apply before 90days. And in October when I am taking appointment for Opt she said that you are not eligible for opt as you visa got terminated and you need to be enrolled as a full-time student for one academic year.

I have asked her that I can enroll into few more credits for next spring and apply for opt in may. But she told me that this semester your are enrolled as a part time student as you have only 7 credits left. I asked to enroll me for 2 credits more and make it full-time.

She was like already the time is up and opt is not an option for you we have already updated to uscis that you are going to be graduated this December.

What can I do right now in order to maintain my status.

Can I drop for H1 on masters qota by using this masters Degree?

I am thinking to apply for double masters which is the only solution I can see to maintain my status in United States.

Please do suggest me.

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This whole sequence of events started because you lied at entry. You said you wanted to study ad xxx, but went to yyy.

That is a big red flag right there. Why did you do that?

You should have gotten a visa for attending yyy.

You can't get OPT because you haven't been enrolled in good standing for one academic year.

And what happened to your promise to return to your home country?

An F1 is not for maintaining status it is for studying.

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