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I transfered my h1b from full time job to my current employer (who was my previous employer who did my H1). Now i work on EVE model .Upon receipt for transfer on premium processing  i started working from nov 9th 2015 with new client .After first week here i came to know that i got RFE on Employer Employee Relationship.I read the document and found below:


1. Evidence is insufficient to establish valid employer employee relationship for the duration of period requested (My h1 petetion has 3 yrs of extension period from my full time job)


2.No evidence that the user is at work site location


3. Evidence required for speciality occupation will be available for the beneficiary during 3 year period.


I will be providing my 2 week timesheet, badge ,work emails , may be one paycheck for november . Is this sufficient enough?? 

Also they are asking for 3 years because i have 3-yr validity on my petetion but my project here is for 18 months only.So what action USICS will take ?? 


I am worried on this RFE , will this work out?? please suggest.Thanks





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