H1-to-H4 applied. How long am I "In Status".


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Hello Folks!


Here is my situation.


my H1B and I-94 Expired on June 15 2015. My H1B extension was applied. But, It got denied in September. I applied for H4 within 15 days. Now, I am waiting for my H4 approval to come.


Here is my question. I am little bit aware of 180 days rule regarding I-94. So, here is what I know. Once I-94 expires, you have 180 days to leave country or extend I-94 with other status. I really have broken information. And I tried to research about this weather am I good and "IN STATUS" as I already applied for H4? (Just applied, didn't received approval yet)


As per this 180 days.... as my I-94 expired on June 15, 2015... it is roughly Dec 15, 2015 is last day of 180 day limit. Do I need to leave country before Dec 15, 2015? I just don't want to violate any rule unknowingly.


Folks...please advise.

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