H1B Amendment - Query


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I was in Texas with my wife and son & returned back to India in Aug,2015. My H1B is valid till next year end...I am going back to USA in Dec 2nd / 3rd week...As it is for new client / location, I am applying for H1B Amendment and will be travelling back once it is filed..(My dependents will be on H4)


As we have a family function in Feb 2016, My wife / Kid wants to come to India for 10 days vacation in Feb 2016  to attend it..My assumption is that ,amendment will be under process (as I heard normally amendment will take around 3 months) in Feb, so whether they can come to India on vacation when it is under process..


I have this doubt since normally we will be advised not to go out of the country (USA) when H1 extension is under process...So just want to make sure they don't have any problem when they come to India and return back, when my H1B amendment is in process. 


Also whether I can also come to India on vacation when it is under process?


Pls clarify



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