H1 to H4 and back to H1


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I was on H1B visa earlier and changed to H4 and now came back to H1 with a consultancy company.


I am planning to go for CANADA for visa stamping from H4 to H1.


Can someone please advice me on below qs:


1. Am i eligible to go CANADA for this status change?

2. If yes, how is this kind of visa change interviews going in Vancouver? i mean % of success.


Thank you all .


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if your first h1b stamping is from india, you can opt for jamaica as well I think.


though, every consulate is said to be same but outside india, visa officers do ask for client letter and other docs before making decision. but in india, if they don't like something, they will hand 221g in just a few seconds.


if i were you, I would always prefer, 1. vancouver or ottawa 2. jamaica if possible 3. matamaros may be. 4. india (not good for consultants i feel)


those are my opinions.

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