Visa Appointment on NOV 16th Vancouver, Canada


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Hello Everyone,


I had H1B visa interview on NOV 16th at Vancouver, Canada.

I would like to share my experience here.


Obviously it would be a nervous situation. It's really tough to advice some one to stay calm and give their interview as it din't happen with me, but I tried hard to be myself and honest with the consular officer. What ever might be the result, we will always have our lives.


This is how it went,


Hello Good Afternoon !

Handed over my passport and I797 copy.


Are you here for Renewal?

How long are you working with this employer ?

Am cancelling your F1 visa as you are on H1B and you are no more a student.

How long on H1B ?

What is your pay ?

Please show me your LCA copy.

Please show me your Pay stubs.

Is it more or less than LCA?

Who is the end client?

How long are you working for this client ?

Do you have your client letter?

Where do you stay in United States?

Where is your work location?

what is your Highest education ?

How was your masters education?

Did you like the place?


Your visa is Approved !!



My heart full thanks to MURTHY FORUMS for guiding us and helping us all through.




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