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I have started my Masters in June 2015 on H4 status. Got the I-20 starts from September 2015.


I have applied for H4 to F1 and it is approved on October 07th 2015.


To get OPT eligibility, Could you please let me know how many semesters I should be on F1.


As F1 validity started from Oct 07th 2015, My Second semester (September to November) counts under F1?



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As per the law, for OPT, you have to be a fulltime student for a year, and you have to be in F1 status at the time of applying.

Note that universities can impose stricter rules. Some may require you to be in F1 status for a year before applying for OPT. Check with the international office of your university.

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My College runs on Trimester (Fall, Spring, Summer).


My Scenario:


1) Started Masters In Summer (May 2015 to August 2015) on H4. 3 Core Subjects Completed.


2) Fall (September 2015 to December 2015) has been started on H4. (1 Core + 2 Electives)


3) H4 to F1 Approved on October 10th 2015.


To get OPT Eligibility, I should study Spring (Jan 2016 to Apr 2016) + Summer (May 2016 to August 2016) + Fall (September 2016 + December 2016) ?.

Or If I complete my Masters by Summer (May 2016 to August 2016), Am I eligible for OPT?.
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