I 94 extension after passport renewal


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I have searched the forums, could not find any relevant replies for me. Hence I am sending a new post. I am in north Carolina. As my passport getting expired, they gave I 94 till March 2016. Now I have renewed my passport. I went to CBP office, they told to contact USCIS / go outside the country and come back. I choose the second option as I need to apply for EAD after I 94 correction.
As Mexico is far for me , I plan to go to Canada border. Do we need Canadian visa in such case?
Can we do I 94 extension and EAD together through USCIS. Please advice me on the right option or any other suggestions.

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My I 94 got expired in August 2015 because my passport expired at that time, now I got new passport and didn't realised about I 94.

But I have valid visa till August 2016 and due to pregnancy and health issue can't travel long journey. Can I get new I 94 at Mexico border near San Diego?

Your stay is illegal in US. You need a valid visa & I797 to enter US & get new I94.
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