Traveling to and from Dominican Republic with passport just over 6 months


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Hi Everyone,


I apologize in advance if a similar post has been put up on the forums.


My current H1B petition is valid till Dec 2017 and my current I-94 (stamped in July 2015) reflects that.


I was planning to travel to Punta Cana over thanksgiving weekend and come back in Dec 1st week. (with 6 months left on entry)


However, my Indian passport expires in Jun 2016  (I plan to apply for a new passport in Dec) so I just had a couple of questions


1. Is it possible that my I-94 would be modified to adjust for expiring passport? - As in will I get a new I-94 till, say May 2016


2. If yes, is there anyway I could get a new/extended I-94 without having to leave the country? For instance, by visiting one of the CBP sites?



I ask the second question, in particular as there have been conflicting opinions on other forums. I would appreciate advice from anyone who's aware of this "situation" (I shouldn't really be calling it that)



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