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Hi Everyone,


I have graduated in December 2014 with a master's degree. I have applied for OPT and received a denial notice 6 months past my graduation date ( June 22nd 2015). My SEVIS was also terminated.


After speaking to an attorney at Murthy law firm as advised by them i exit the country and and came back to India.


I was also suggested that i need not take a visa interview here India and can directly enter USA with a new SEVIS as i have my F-1 visa stamped until 2017, in that way the immigration officer will change just update my SEVIS on the old VISA at the port of entry. 


Now, i have admissions for the following:


1) Georgia state University - MBA program

2) University of Texas Arlington - Master's in Engineering management


I have decided to pay sevis for the MBA program in Georgia state University. 


My main confusion now is -


"should i go to an US consulate here in India to take a general VISA interview?"


"Can i enter the country directly without taking an interview with a new SEVIS "


I tried to dig as much as possible but i still can't find any legitimate information. Please help me if someone has any information on this.


Many thanks!



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