I-94 Validity mismatch


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I have H1b petition which is valid till Oct 2017, with this petition I went to my home country for 3 weeks and came back in April 2015. However at POE; my I-94 was extended till Oct  2015 instead of OCt  2017.

So before I-94 expiration, we have applied for amendment @ July 31, 2015, still no update... 


Recently I got another job offer from New Employer ; as my I-94 has already expired and my current amendment is not yet approved, they are suggesting me to go my home country & get it stamped and come back. Else I need to wait until amendment is approved.


with this situation can anyone suggest, how long does it take to approve my Amendment..?

I saw few other posts, even PP after 1 month there is no reply..?


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