Can my wife who is in OPT return to USA without an offer letter ?


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hello all 


my wife has come to usa in 2013 on H4 dependent visa. she changed her status to F1  in 2014 to do her Master's in Legal Studies. she completed her studies in May 2015.  after her F1 visa - she applied for OPT which she got it for  1 year until June 2016. 


So, yes - her OPT is valid until June 2016. She travelled to India in September this year for two months vacation while on OPT status.  


Since she had a change of visa from H4 to F1 last year and her OPT validity until june next year - She is set to go to Visa Interview at Hyderbad Embassy. 


She does not have any offer letter of employment currently. Will this be an issue at the USA embassy hyderabad ?  please let us know. 


any helpful advise or suggestions are highly appreciated. Thank you.





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