221g white slip in ottawa


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I attended my H1b visa extension interview in ottawa on 11/10/2015


I was asked all basic questions about my employer and my work. 


visa officer asked me to move to another counter after the first few questions and some other person started asking me the same questions. 


they were stressing more on whether my employer pays me on time. I said yes.


they took my payslips passport and handed me 221g White. 


the visa officer told me that there might not be any delay in issuing me a visa but they have to verify few things on their end.


So am stuck in ottawa now and the wait starts. 



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I am sorry to hear about your situation.


The VO may call and email or call your client to validate some information. Please let your client and vendor aware on this. He may also verify about your employer. I wish everything go smooth and you hear back from the VO at the earliest.

Through this form, you may get in touch with someone who attended recently in Ottawa and in your situation. This may give you some idea on how long this process is going to take. However the processing time differs in each case.


Again, I wish your issue get resolved at the earliest. All the best!

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