Travelling on H1B transfer


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Guys and gals please help as it's time sensitive. I am travelling to India on 11/26 and coming back on 12/05 and I have valid H1B stamp until 10/2017 with current employer. However my H1B is being transferred in premium processing to new employer.

1. Is it okay if I come back on new employer's I-797 (if it's gets approved by the time I leave) with no pay stubs etc as I am planning to join once I come back on 12/07.

2. Or should I show the current employer's I-797 as they are okay keeping me on their payroll until I come back and join new employer.

3. Would it be any issue re-entering on current employer's I-797 if the new employer's H1B is in pending state during POE?

I am confused any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks

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