Self sponsored visitor visa by retired parents


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Please pass on some advices.

I would like to bring my parents to US for couple of months. I'm on L2 B visa. I've read in many immigration forums that either parents can self sponsor their trip or children living in U.S. can sponsor them. If my husband is sponsoring there are lot of documents required like bank statement , tax return docs etc. which is the better option if my parents have enough bank balance and property? Does anyone know how much is the recommended amount of bank fund to show if they are self sponsoring? my parents are retired govt. employees . Will the retired status make their case weak?

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If your parents are not in position to pay for the trip,  in DS-160 you can choose Person/Entity for Paying for Trip as yours. So that they don't need to show financial capacity , 


However approval of visa depends on your parents how they convey to Visa Officer about purpose of the trip and ties with home town.

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