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Hi everybody!

I need some help from all of you to file my wife's H4 EAD. I have an approved I-140 and my wife is on OPT (STEM extension). Her OPT is expiring 31st March 2016 and currently she is working on OPT EAD.

1) I would like to concurrently file her COS and H4 EAD, so does concurrent filing mean that I put both forms in the same envelope with two different checks and supporting docs for both COS and EAD?  I don't think there a place in form in form I-539 or I-765 that says I am concurrently filing EAD......


2) In form 765 what do we put for the section "I am applying for a) permission to accept employment b) Replacement of old EAD card c) Renewal". Initially I thought I would fall in the renewal category as my wife already has an OPT EAD card, but then I read the definition of Renewal on USCIS website which says "An EAD issued to an eligible applicant upon the expiration of a previous EAD issued under the same category." So I believe I would fall for category a). what do you all think?


3) On Form 593, PART 1, question 12B, Do I put the expiry date from the OPT card (March 31st 2016). I have marked the box corresponding to question 12c (check this box if you were granted a duration of status)


4) On Form 593, PART 2, question 2A, Do I need to put the effective date of my new status or can I just leave it blank?


5) On Form 593, PART 2, question 3a to 3f: I don't think we need to fill these up as my wife is just applying for herself. Correct?


6) also is there are general list of supporting documents that I need to send for F1-->H4-->EAD, apart from the ones available on USCIS website? Like paystubs for my wife to prove that she is actually working on OPT.....

Thanks you all in advance for taking time out of your busy schedule to read and reply to my post.

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