H4 - Spouse name - First Name Unknown issue


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Hi there -


Appreciate if you can let me know if any of you ran into this situation and how you solved it.


My spouse doesnt have a LastName in her passport. So when we went for H4 stamping, US Consulate entered her name as below.

First Name: FNU

Last Name: <actual Name> 

(since they didnt really have an option for LNU (last name unknown).


Now we are here in US and I am getting ready to apply for her H4 EAD. I dont want her to live with FNU as her first name forever. And also I want to get my last name added to her, so she has a last name now.


Will USCIS accept if there is a name mismatch between application and H4 visa stamp on passport?? (May be I can fix her passport first to add my last name? ) 


Present spouse name: (on H4 visa)

First name: FNU

Last Name: <actual name>


Desired spouse name: ( while filing H4 EAD)

First name: <actual name>

Last name: <my last name>

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