Affordable health care act for my GC holder Mother

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My mother is a green card holder since Aug 2014 . She travels to US every 6 months and spends time in India for < 6 months .


I hear that as per affordable health care act , every citizen or GC holder should have Insurance either by employer/medicare/Medicaid/Obama Care.


My mother doesn't have either of these insurances.


I see there are penalties every year from 1% to 2% to 5% (increase every year) of House Hold Income.


She is not employed , so does it mean that House Hold Income would be on my Income ? ( I haven't added her as my dependent during 2014 tax filing ).


Is there better way to avoid penalty as it is thousands of dollars to pay if it is measured on my income.


Would like to know what Murthy's firm suggests and would like to hear other ppl's suggestions who parents are GC holders and Unemployed and Travel those who travel every 6 months.






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