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I had my H1B Visa renewal in Tijuana, Mexico earlier this week and it has been approved. EVC model. The interview was very straight forward. No Documents were asked during the interview. I had my fist stamping in Vancouver in 2012 but looking at some of the recent experience that our friends in the forum shared, I decided to go to Tijuana.


The officer only asked me few basic questions. 


Job Title

Where do you work

How long with the company


Below are some of the posts I followed to prepare for the interview.


Documents and Interview Preparation:


Tijuana Information:



I stayed at hotel Hecienda Del Rio. It is a decent hotel.  Good thing about the hotel is it is only 5 mins walkable distance from ASC consulate. They also provide shuttle to the US consulate and airport. Had good wifi connection in the room. I could work remotely as well as stream videos online. It did get drop few times still it wasn't that bad. There is one Indian restaurant Tandoor just across the hotel opposite Volkswagen showroom. There is also a Subway on the other side and there are many other restaurants and small grocery stores nearby. 


I didn't have that much wait time for I-94 as mentioned in the previous post. Overall it was a very good experience. 


My suggestion:


Specially for the contractors. Please make sure you submit your DS-160 properly and go through it and all the documents before you go for the interview and be prepared for any question they may ask regarding your profile. 


Always have smile on face and be confident. Go with the attitude they also need you as much as you need them.


Good luck!







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I am planning to have my H1B stamped in Dec 2015 at Tijuana.


Currently, I have my H1B valid till 20-Dec-2015 and my new H1B extentsion has been approved with new I-797 (valid till Sep 2017).


Can someone tell me overall stamping procedure at Tijuana or (in Mexico in general)?

(Steps and Time duration)

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