Travel to India during H1b transfer


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I've done some search online regarding this but couldn't find any satisfactory answer.

I am currently working full time for a Non-Profit organization and I got an offer from a Private company.


Here's my H1b employer history:


2007: First H1b filed through a Private company in Masters quota.

2009: H1b transfer to a non-profit organization (also have an approved I140 through them)

2015: Planning to transfer H1b to a Private company


My current H1b is good until Sep 2016 and I also have a valid visa until the same date. I have below concerns:


1. Would it be possible to transfer my H1b from non-profit organization to a profit organization at this time?


2. Can I travel to India during the time my H1b is transferred to the new employer?


It would be great if you can shed some light on this.

Thank you!!!

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