PERM Approved SEP 2015 but Lost in mail


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PERM was approved (lawyer got electronic approval) but never received physical letter.

H1B expiring on 1st Jan and lawyer filed I-140 in regular with USICS requesting USICS to ask for duplicate PERM letter from DOL.(I-140 filed on 30-Oct)


They said USICS should able to get Duplicate PERM in 4-5 weeks and then I-140 can be changed to Premium.


Any idea if above sounds reasonable? i am worried because my visa is expriing on 1st Jan 2016.


any other way of getting extension here or need to wait for USICS to get duplicate and then change I-140 to premium?


usually how much time it takes after filing I-140 in regular to get duplicate PERM from DOL? anybody seen such cases.




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