Transferring H1B with no payroll

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I had my H1-B petition filed and was approved with Consular processing.

I traveled to India, got my visa stamped and cam back to US on 15th Oct.


The consulting company which filed my Visa is yet to onboard me or start a payroll and are saying that they will not do so unless they find a project for me and are not ready to acknowledge the legal implications.


I had a few quick questions --

  • I am in US on H1 B visa with no payroll for 2 weeks now. What issues can face because of this. I heard there is a 30 day grace period within which i need to find a job. Please advise.
  • My friends company is ready to hire me. But I just traveled to US on a H1 - B and don't have any payrolls / paystubs. Can i still ask them to file a H1 B transfer?
  • Is there a requirement to spend a minimum time on current H1 before switching jobs.
  • For H1 - B transfers, i believe they need paystubs for last 3 months. Is that needed.

Any advise or direction will be greatly appreciated.

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