I 130/ I 485 pending for spouse - Travel plans!

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I am on H1B and my wife is a USC. We filed, I 130/ I 485/ I 131/ I 765 together on Aug 6th 2015. My I 765 is approved today. As, we have a planned vacation through mid Dec to Jan 2016, We are concerned about my I 485/ I 130 approval/ interview process.


Our concern is, what if we get the interview notification while we are out of the US.


I tried contacting USCIS customer service. I did not got any answer, except to wait. If anyone was in this situation or have some knowledge on this, please suggest.




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You should have somebody in the US who can open your mail, and inform you if an interview notification shows up. And you would need to be prepared to change your travel itinerary can come back to the US on short notice.

If you don't have somebody to open your mail, the best course of action would be to cancel your trip.

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