Drivers license issue with H1B extension


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Hi All,


Currently I am in a strange situation and need your advise.


Currently I am in H1B visa.

I have a Minnesota drivers license which is valid till Mar 2016. 

My I94 is valid till Feb 2016. 

Recently I moved to Chicago. So I went to DMV to get one Illinois DL. But the officer at the DMV confirmed that since I have less than 6 months of stay left with my H1B visa, I cannot apply for one IL DL. I should have one approved document with more than six months of stay left.

My employer is applying my H1B extension and it should be filed with USCIS in next 2 weeks.


My questions are:

1. Since I moved to Chicago but still driving under Minnesota drivers license, will it cause any issue.

2. If my extension is applied under normal category, for sure the approval will not come before Mar 2016 and in that case my DL will be expired. In that case can I get one IL drivers license with the H1B extension receipt number.


Anyone already faced the issue before.



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