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Hello Everyone:). I am very much naive to H1 B visa and its details.I have few questions and it would be greate if any one can answer them.

I have my H1 B application Approved in October. I have been in F1 and COS also approved. I have a plan to go to india in dec 3rd week and require some expertise on this questions

1)  Can i go to Canada for Visa stamping?

2)If   yes, Please provide me details how can i apply canada visa and how much time does it takes for me to get back my passport with canada visa.I have heard my friend getting canada visa in 3 weeks last year ,is the situation same now?

Thank You

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Try searching forum, we have so many posts on your question.


I can explain you how to search :), go to forum main, and on top left hand side of forum search box, search keywords you like. Happy hunting bro. Hope you succeed. 


And when you succeed, post your results, it will help others....I just want to see if you would do the same, as what you are expecting from others. 


For your question i dont have any straight small answer. so no pun intended. 

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