Driving record - Suspension due to speeding ticket

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In the month of October i got a speeding ticket in PA (got caught more than 30 miles compared to posted limit)  and cop gave me ticket to make a payment and he told me if failure to make payment then it will be suspended. Cop didnt mentioned to me anything about license will get suspended.


Note - its is not an active work zone


With in a week i made a payment to court. But recently when i took a Auto quote i came to know my license was suspended and i dont know what the reason yet. I need to find out with them. Iam wandering now why it happened like that even after making the payment on time.


But mean while i have a below question


I want to know if driving record has any suspension - will that cause an issue in getting the H1B visa stamped/GC.


As iam planning to go to India for Visa stamping in a couple of months. Quick response would be much appreciated.




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