Visa Stamping Experience in Ottwa on Oct 27th


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There were 7 counters. out of 7 counters, 6th and 7th counter were taking finger prints, 5th one is for Diplomats, 4th is closed. 2nd and 3rd are open for interviews and 1st counter is for cashier to pay some fees for some other visas(nof for h1b)


My interview was in 2nd counter. A lady VO was interviewing in that. She is cool.. In 3rd Counter it was a guy.. 


Me: GM..

VO(Lady): GM

VO: Give me your documents. (these are regular documents passport, I-797, DS-160.. )

VO: Is this your first H1b or renewel?

ME: First time

VO: Did you worked on Opt?

ME: yes

VO: Tell me about your company(employer) and you

ME: Told about my role and responsibilities confidently for two-three mins

VO: How did you know this company(employer)?

ME: Applied through local job portals

VO: Do you know when this company(employer company) has been established?


VO: Your visa has been approved. You will get an email in 2-3 business days to collect your passport.


Me: I said thanks and left from there. (Didn't ask for single additional document)


VO: She called me again.

ME: By that time, i left from the counter. Some ppl there called me back and i went back.

VO: So you are no more in F-1 student status right?

ME: Yes:

VO: I am going to cancel this F-1 visa. 

ME: ok (My F1 visa was valid till AUG-2016 since i applied my H1 during first opt term of 12 months)

VO: Cancelled f-1 student visa in front of me with cancel stamp pad


I will be here in Ottawa till Oct 30th. Let me know if have any questions



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