H1 extention RFE and H1 transfer


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Hi, Can someone please help me with following questions:

I am at the end of my 6th year H1 and I got an RFE with my current employer 'A'. While our attorney is replying to rfe, I want to apply H1 transfer petetion through another employer 'B'.


1. This is my post 6th year extention. Can I apply H1 transfer petetion with employer 'B' with approved 140 from employer 'A'?

2. My i94 is expiring in few weeks. Do I need to apply h1 Transfer with employer 'B' and get it approved prior i94 expiry date?

3. If rfe with employer A gets denied, Can I still stay in Country with pending H1 transfer peteion with employer 'B' and start working for employer 'B' until the decision of H1 transfer petetion with employer 'B' comes out?

4. My I94 expires in few weeks but time given to respond to RFE with employer 'A' is 2 months. Is it best to respond to RFE prior I94 expiry or can i wait till 2 months (Time give to respond to rfe)? If it gets denied, when does my out of status period starts-From i94 expiry date or from rfe denial date?



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