Help! DS-160 and H1B Stamping


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I'm filing DS-160 I've few questions


I did my bachelor in India in 2009 and worked for 3 years in ************* and came to US on 2012 for "music production certificate" because I wanted to do music. After Finishing music production, I got my OPT for 12 months.  


During that OPT I actually worked on two jobs First at the ************** Inc (Recording Company, unpaid), As a Recording Engineer and Second as (part-time contract, paid) Software Engineer at ***************** on demand (working with the Clients that are music business related, not really) but in SEVIS record I only reported **************** Inc. 


Later I got into ************** as database engineer (working with clients that were music related) and My OPT was going to expire so I register myself in the master course in software engineer and got CPT so that I continue working, on CPT I applied for H1B. Now I've got the H1B and going to India to visit so I need to go for stamping. 


Here is complete details of my work. 

SE for software engineer 


SE - ************** - 2009 - 2012, INDIA 

SE - ************* - June,2013 - Dec, 2013, on OPT - music business

***********- June 2013, May, 2014 - part time music recording engineer, unpaid

SE - *************- Feb, 2014 - May, 2015, on full time software engin( OPT - music business), paid

SE - ************- May, 2014 - Feb, 2015, on CPT - Master in software engineer

SE - ************- Feb, 2015 - Currently, On CPT and now H1B


My question is: What previous job information I should fill, would it be hard for me to explain the interviewer though I was software engineer I was working on music related field. Or should I not mention those jobs. I don't want to take any risk
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