Travel Abroad while H1 Amendment in process


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Hello Folks,


I have applied for H1 Amendment and I would like to travel abroad while my Amendment is in process. When inquired with my attorney, he informed me that there will not be an issue to travel abroad  while amendment is in process as long as we have a valid VISA stamping in our PP. I was also observing the posts on this topic in this forum. I see someone saying there will not be an issue and someone saying should come back after amendment approval. That would be really great if someone share their experience if traveled while Amendment is in process. Also, any other inputs and suggestions are welcome.

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I have the similar situation, 

My H1B visa is stamped till 30 Sep 2016. 

My client and roles are same, but the location is being changed from Danbury, CT to Norwalk, CT (20 miles)

I am yet to initiate the process, but also I have a vacation planned from 25th Nov to 20th Dec 2016. If I file the amendment now, Will I be able to get the amendment approval before 20th Dec?

Also What document is considered as amendment approval? the new EAC number from USCIS or new approved petition etc. Please suggest

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