I-94# is same for me & my spouse

Sonu K

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We got I-94 when we travelled to Inida which is valid till 01-Jan-2016.Here I-94# is different for me and my spouse.


After that my husband has switched the company and we got new I-797 with attached I-94 which is valid till15-May-2016.

We observed that the I-94# is same for me & my husband which came with new I797.


The issue is I am filing H1 visa in cap exempion for me as I am on H4 and need to give I-94 copy as filing document.

I do not know whether this current I-94 (from new company) is proper or not because the I-94# is same for me and my husband or in case if it is not correct then can I use the earlier I-94 which is still valid in my H1 visa document.


Please suggest.

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