H1B Transfer after Extn is approved but not stamped yet after approval


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I got my H1B extension approved last month, till april 2018. Currently I am in India, so as per my understanding I need to get it stamped before next travel. Also, my earlier I94 has expired too during last month.
I have not yet stamped the visa after the extn is done.

What I want to know is: 
1. if I join another company now, while in India, can I transfer the Extended visa to the new company? or it needs to be stamped first and only then can be transferred.
2. can I raise the stamping request through new company?
3. do I need to wait till the H1B transfer is done to the new company and go for stamping afterwards?
4. what documents (related to visa transfer) should I have before leaving the current company? I have the scanned copy of the latest I797 after the extn is approved.
5. what could complicate the matter while transferring the visa in this case?
6. I have travelled to US through my current company and just returned 2 months back.

7. Some of my friends are saying that I have to stamp the visa after the extn is done and I have to travel with the current company and only after that I can transfer the H1B. Is that true?

I would be really grateful if someone can help me with these queries.

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