H1B visa stamping question


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Hello sir,


My First H1B approved with Company A as FullTime from sep 2013-sep2016.

I visited India in Dec2013 and got visa stamped till sep2016.


Later I transferred H1B to a consultancy B as a Contracter and got H1B approved from Sep2014-sep2017.

I been working for a single client © from the day one to till date I started with Consultancy B.



Now Client© offered me FullTime and I took it. So i transferred my H1B again from ConsultancyB to Client© which been approved from oct2015-sep2018.



I am planning to visit India this November so do i need to attend Visa Interview as I changed employer. I am asking this because i already have visa approved with Company A till sep2016.



Please guide. Thanks in advance.








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