Canada Visitor Visa from US or India


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I'm on h4 EAD working in the US. I need to visit Canada for a week on business trip. So I would need a visitor visa (same as business visa).


I need to apply at NY Consulate of Canada and processing time says 52 days on their website.


I want to know if I can go to India and apply from Hyderabad Consulate. In that case what is processing time and I can come back to US if it takes lesser than 52 days.


Please advice.

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I give this advice from personal experience.


I applied for a Visitor Visa online on on Nov 13th 2015. CIC asked for my passport to be mailed to NY CVAC on Nov 27th 2015. Fee has to be mailed to Philadelphia.


I mailed my passport on Nov 30th and it was received by CVAC on Dec 3rd. I received the passports on Dec 12th 2015.

The whole process took month.


You may have already completed your business trip, but I still thought I should post this response here for everyone's benefit.

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