H1B transfer Denied


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I was working with Company A on H1b until Aug-31-2015. I received offer from Company B and joined them on H1b transfer receipt notice on 24-Aug-2015.

I came to know my H1B transfer petition by Company B is denied by USCIS after 1 RFE (Case was denied on 09-Oct-2015). 

Company B (ie.current employer) said reason for denial is due to less duration  of project mentioned on client letter which is only 6 months.


In mean time Company C has offered me job and they have already applied for H1b transfer on 06-Oct-2015 in premium processing and have receipt number.

I am wondering what options do I currently have. how can I have continue to be on status. 



Few Questions:


1. Can I join company C based on receipt number they have? or should i have to wait until it is approved.


2. Current employer (i.e, Company B) is working with attorneys to find out what options I have. can company B file a new petition. What happens in mean time petition is in process.


3. How Can I know if Company A has revoked my H1B petition.


Please advise! Thanks.



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