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I work in a E-V1-V2-C model. RFE is to provide evidence of employer employee relation...got the letter from vendor v1 explaining the chain properly..however the vendor v2 letter says they hired me through  v1 and have no control over my salary and stuff, since v2 is not aware of my employer they say they cant include my employer name. Clinet letter is very brief stating that they dont have control over paying salary, tax benifits and all and it is all under control of my employer( they just say Mr.X's employer and not mention my employer name). This all looks shady to me and am not sure if this can get approved...is there any way to make this situation any better?

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Hi Guys,

              I received an RFE on my H1b adjustment of status due to client location change. My H1b visa was extended and got approval in march of 2015 as my previous visa expired. I had client site change so my company had to file an ammendment of status in premium processing but i got RFE on it . My question is :-

1) I have my marriage coming up on 9th November and i need to go home but for returning i need to go for consular visa stamping . Can i use my previous approved I-797 for stamping and carry all the I-129 and filing documents for current RFE documents and go for stamping ?

2) My FRE is on Employee- Employer issue but the company i work for is a big4 consulting firm and i have been with them for last 3.7 years . How hard will it be for them to get that confirmed. They said it will involve client letter but they said they will follow up and i dont have to do anything 

3) What is possibility of getting my visa denied or revoked as i have a pending FRE petition at consulate or will they keep me in adminitrative process. 


your response will be highly appreciated 



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You can respond to an RFE without questionable evidence and make an argument for approval. You may not be able to argue that the evidence is unavailable but you may be able to argue that the evidence is not required and the petition should be approved.


The risk of it turning it out well goes down. It will depend on where you are status-wise what you can do, what you should do, and what you can't do. It would be a very good idea to consult with an attorney who can go over all of your facts and advise you appropriately in this situation.

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Thanks for the response, I had an earlier RFE for ANOTHER employer filed to transfer company 2 months back  which hasnt been replied yet , Do you think that caused the problem with my current Employer. What should i do :-

1) Should i withdraw that application 

2) Should i keep it and reply to that RFE as its a completely different company

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