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Hi! I"ve been working as researcher at a University and will complete my 6th year on Sep16th 2016. After an effort I convinced my employer to sponsor my GC in the beginning of 2015 and subsequently got in touch with the University recommended local Attorney (only one in the 50mile radius). Although in the beginning he raised the concern of time in hand for the complete processing he agreed to take the case (EB2). I've been following up with him since keeping my fingers crossed. He gathered all information/documents required and sounded positive.

Last week he got back to me saying he had been busy with another 'important' case at their firm and now he has serious concern about the time in hand and weather he would be able to go ahead.

Thats more than 6months precious time lost for me. I'm struck and my spouse has been out of job to file GC through him (chances are little his employer will agree to file GC at the start of employment). With less than 1yr in hand what are my options?


Any help/suggestion will be much appreciated.. Thanks

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