Travel outside USA with EAE and AP combo card


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Hello - I'm going through my I485 stage and received my EAE and AP combo card. My EAD card says serves as I-512 advance parole at the bottom and has an expiry date of September of 2016. My current H1B visa expires in 2017. I have a H1B visa stamp on my passport that expires in 2017. 


I have to travel outside USA for work trip in the next month. My questions are - 


1. Should I use my EAD/AP combo card to enter back into the country or my valid H1B? 


2. Do I need I-551 infopass stamp on my passport before I leave USA for my work trip? I'm not sure about this but wanted to check. I read on some forum that I should get a stamp on my passport before I leave USA but not sure if this was necessary or not.


3. How many times can I travel outside USA using my combo EAD/AP card? I have to travel abroad again in a few months. My EAD/AP card is valid for another year. 


4. What happens if my green card is mailed when I'm outside USA? Could I still use my EAE/AP card to come back to USA? 


I really appreciate your responses to the questions above. Thanks and have a great day! 

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1) Its upto you. If i were you i would maintain my H1 status. In case my 485 were to get denied i can continue being on h1 without any issues.  

2) I-551 is for folks with approved 485 and no gc in hand.

3) multiple times

4) just mention it to the officer. But with backlog i would call it day dreaming :-)

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