Urgent EB2: I don't have experience certificate from previous company(USA)

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I have 10 years of work experience from India in IT Software and 4 Year Bachelors degree in Computer Science, I have all the experience certificates and relieving letters from Indian Company for last 10 years .

A  years back I have moved to USA on H1B join a very small company A ,In between I have found some far better

opportunity with brand company B, But company B asked me to join in 2 weeks’ time. Company A has 2 months

notice period, which I have not served before leaving . Now I don’t have experience certificates from  US based company A.


1.     1)  How can I show my 5 years of progressive experience so that ,will come under the EB2 Category?


2.       2)Can I show my total 5 years of experience from the Indian company Only?


3.      3) Is it Mandatory for me to include the USA Company experience for EB2 Category?



I would really appreciate your reply


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I don't know why the employer would require experience from the U.S. company. It might be worthwhile making an appointment with the employer and you and an attorney to discuss the issues and understand the problem, and to see whether there is a specific reason for the employer's decision or if there is something else going on.

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