Father hides passport of wife and kids and returned US alone


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My friend and her husband works in a software company in USA. Both of them hold H1B.

They have two sons aged 3 and 1.5 years old. The yonger son is US born.

Then went to india last month along with kids for 3 weeks visit.


In india some major family fight happened.

Her husband left her and kids with her parents and went to some unknown place.

He remained unreachable on phone , his parent did not disclose where he is.


He had passport of his wife and kids.

He returned to USA without family and kids.


My friends job is in US. Sons have their school here.

Her company is about to fire her.


My friends husband is not ready to return her passport. He himself is planning to go back to india.


What can be done in this case. What does the law say about trapping a US born child in another country.


Need an urgent help otherwise my friend will lose her job.


Thanks in advance.


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Your friend has to file a police complaint against her spouse for taking illegal possession of her passport and childrens' as legally it belongs to the passport holder or the respective government. She also has to immediately contact US embassy and request consular services for her younger son. Talk with an attorney too asap.

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