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Hi All,

I am about to move to a new employer. I have my prioroity date set to Sep 2008 with my current employer and they will not withdraw my 140.

Now that EB2 India is at April 2007, what happens in the following scenario:

1. My new employer initiates PERM and it is in process when my priority date (Sep 2008) becomes current - will I lose my priority date/position in the queue

2. Is it fair to assume my priority date (Sep 2008) becomes current in the next 1 year (since EB2 India is at April 07) - I know no one can predict, but looking at past trends and the lower no of applications in 07 end/08...any educated guess?

My joining the new company is kind of contingent on what I learn about this scenario and I am very confused - any advise is greatly appreciated.


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Thanks for pointing me to that posting. I guess my question is irrespective of the wait time for PWD and the PERM certification process, in the even my PD becomes current, I will not be able to file for 485 - so does that mean my PD is lost? Or I can still file for 485 (concurrent with 140) once PERM gets cleared, even though my PD date has passed?


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