H1B Visa stamping - Ottawa


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Here is my case. My H1 apllication did not got picked up in 2014. Worked on OPT till Nov, 2014. Then joined a college in westcoast on F1. Worked on CPT till Sept, 2015. H1 got picked and approved with out any issues in 2015. Now, I am planning for H1 stamping in Ottawa. Have client letter and everythign now.


Would it be safe to go back to home country and get stamped? How does my chances vary when it comes to Canada or my home country.


Is there any risk with my situation to go for stamping? Have any one been in this kind of situation before. what would be the questions from VO in this case which I should be prepared for. what additional documentation do I need to carry considering my case.


Appreciate the help.



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I was working in Canada on work Permit from Dec 2013 to May 2015 .on Canadian work Permit .

in May 2015 I Moved to USA on L1 Visa .

Now I have Approved H1 can I go to Ottawa Canada for stamping  

as when I submitted visa I was in Canada in work permit and had selected Ottawa Consulate  


Pls note I have valid Canadian  work permit and temporary visa with W-1 category .

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