is it legal that my employer asking me to sign contract before starting perm process?

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Hello All,

I joined this company 2 years ago. i was promised that the company will start my GC whenever i want, (Nothing in written ofcourse). After two years and numerous emails, the HR got back to me with a form to sign. Which actually says .."....If the employee voluntarily leaves the company within two years after the application has been approved, he or she will responsible for reimbursing the company for the lawyer fees paid to sponsor the Visa. Receiving the benefit constitutes acceptance of the terms within this policy. This does not create a promise of employment for any term or duration; your employment will be at-will....."


Is it legal, even though its written in my offer letter that the company will do y green card. 

Apart from this, the HR is taking forever to initiate the process, delaying it intentionally. It took her 8+ months just to  come up with NEW IMMIGRATION policies document. 


Please advice. 

Thank you. 



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The company has to pay for PERM and all costs, e.g., lawyer costs, related to that. It is illegal to have them reimbursed in any way or form, directly or indirectly.

For all other costs, such contracts are possible and enforceable.

A good employer would of course pay for all, in particular since these costs are deductible for them as business expenses.

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thank you for your comments. This is a full time job. It is just the HR head doesnt like me much and thus causing all these troubles. I asked other indians in the company - no one had these kind of issues. My h1b is going to expire on july 1 2016. Attorney tole me that they are going to file my perm process on nov 10th. I dont think i have enough time to get it approved and get i 140 approved. am i in big trouble?

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