Question on Form I-539


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I am applying for COS from H1B to H4. This is the situation with my spouse's H1B.


1. H1B is valid until May 2016. I-797 receipt number starting with WAC

2. H1B amendment is pending with USCIS. I-797 receipt number starting with EAC

3. I am planning to concurrent filing for COS from for H1B to H4 & H4 EAD.


My questions are:

1. On I-539 in Part 3. I will answer questions 2a & 2b with my spouse's H1B valid until May 2016. I got to know from my spouse's employer that H1B amendment is no way related to H4. So I am wondering if I need to furnish information for  3a through 3f with the receipt number pending for amendment?


2. If I need to furnish information for both questions 2 & 3 in part 3 of I-539, where should I mail my application, Dallas lock box or Phoenix lockbox? Because approved petition start with WAC, pending petition starts with EAC.


Please advise.





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