I485 Adjustment of Status - AC21 Portability


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I am working for Company A on H1B and they have processed my green card based on approved Company B I140. Priority dates got ported.
Company A - EB3 Jan 2009
Company B - EB2 Jan 2009
With new AOS chart, I am eligible for applying I485 through Company B. Company B still has open job offer and are willing to support the Adjustment of status process. I am planning to go ahead with the process but have couple of questions -
1. Can I file AC21 through Company C (again future employment) and move out of Company B after 180 days of pending I485 application? Since my GC is for future employment, I have never worked for Company B.
2. If above is possible then if there are any RFE's, will the new company (Company C) be answering them?
3. Can I continue working for Company A on H1b until I get green card and then start working for new company.
4. Once I get green card, should I be working for Company B or C?
5. What are the criteria for filing AC21? Should I be having the labor information with me?
Please help me out with above questions.

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